Android Apps


Omnitweety is a whole new Twitter client which focuses on sharing URL.
It takes full advantage of Android’s share feature, and it’s just 1 tap away from a browser’s share button.
You don’t even need to leave your browser.


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Monotweety is an open-source Twitter client just for tweeting from device’s notification area.
If you are using Android 7.0 or later, you can literally tweet from notification area. Other wise when you tap the notification, Editor dialog will be launched.
Also, with Monotweety you can chain tweets as a thread with one single tap(from editor dialog).


note: Monotweety is no longer available on Google Play Store.



Have you ever wondered that “when was the last time I did this?”
SinceTimer makes it easy and enjoyable to track any events in your life.
You will never forget important events.


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Android Libraries

Kotlin Multiplatform Libraries

  • BuildKonfig
    • BuildConfig for Kotlin Multiplatform Project
  • kgql
    • GraphQL Document wrapper generator for Kotlin Multiplatform Project and Android


  • Android Dagashi
    • weekly Android news digest for Japanese Android developers.